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Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Difference Between "Want and Need"....

I want someone who I can share my innermost thoughts, my deepest feelings.
I want someone who can love me and hate me all at the same time.
I want someone who can control me whenever I do crazy stuff but can still let me be to learn my mistakes.
I want someone whom I can share my passion in writing, poetry and art.
I want someone who can stand by my side through all the ups and downs.
I want someone who appreceiates me for what I am.
I want someone who can love me unconditionally.
I want a perfect person --- and not just any perfect person...
I want the one who's perfect for me....

I need someone who understands me
I need someone who I can live without but enjoy life while being in it.
I need someone who can put up with my insecurities, mistakes and irrational decisions...
I just need a simple person that will make my life feel special...
Lara Nadezda P. Melencio 

Embarking on a New Journey

Happy New Year Guys!

All this Holiday partying is giving me hell... I missed writing. I missed staying at home and staring at the computer. I missed reading -- I missed poetry but I enjoyed a whole lot of party music and beer, beer, beer!

I'm not really into the "New Year's Resolution" thingy and all those crappy bullshit that capitalists had made up. I am just a happy and simple individual who strives for the best everyday and not just for a single holiday.

All these random thoughts and ideas are flooding my sanity. As you can see, being deprived from my passion makes me crazy. I am literally overflowing with creative juices!! The sad part is, I'm having a hard time sticking with a single concept. A while ago, I was thinking of writing a rather cheesy poem about my perfect guy. Ahaha! I'll get back when I have my mind straightened out. 

Again, Happy New Year! This is a new beginning... 

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I'm in love with a Montague

Holding back feelings for someone won't make it any better... 
So, obsessing and letting your love suffice is a good option. 
Love, until there's no more left to love...
-Lara Nadezda P. Melencio
I kept thinking about these words while I was in my "Happy Place"... It's the truth, right? I once kept my feelings for someone hoping I can move on but nearly 3 years had passed, and everytime I hear his voice, see his face and kiss his lips, I still get butterflies on my stomach. He is like a drug -- bad for my system but feels so right.. I am now trying with all my might to just admire and love him from afar. I still can't understand why 2 perfect people can never be together. Sucks to be US.. I know, right?? 

I'm in love with a Montague!!
Love, Juliet Capulet

 Don't get me wrong, I love the chase -- but sometimes, I would rather wish it's over rather than running in circles wondering when will one of us will catch the other...

Star-Crossed Lovers like Romeo and Juliet

"Banat" for Filipinos :))

Party Madness

I was so exhausted from 2 weeks of straight partying. I don't want another sip of vodka or beer or any form of alcohol and nicotine for like a decade. As in seriously!! Forgive my raging social hormones... I wasn't able to update this site for more than 2 weeks (I know and I'm really sorry). It was just a bad couple of weeks... I'm reinventing my finances (Ha! As if there's something to reinvent) and of course I'm reinventing myself (fashion wise) although "reinventing" is not a very applicable term with what I'm doing...

I am getting back with the old "rock and roll scene"... Not the music though, I still love INDIE POP, it's just because of the crowd. I have come to a conclusion that all Metal Heads (especially guys) think highly of themselves. I am an art person and I thought music geniuses from local underground metal bands would share my passion. So, based on my own experience, Metal Heads hate poetry reading and indie films... and of course (forgive my dissing but I have to blurt out the truth), they suck... BIG TIME!!!!

Speaking of art and geniuses, here's a poster of the latest "IT" event this Friday. Yes, I'm going!
A former classmate sent invites on Facebook...

The invitation info:
UP Pi Omicron Fraternity’s 


Indiemand is an annual, open-field, walk-in, and independent film showing that showcases an array of artistic productions ranging from narrative, documentary, experimental and animated short films to full-length films produced by diverse yet creative and independent film makers from different institutions. It aims to provide film artists an opportunity to showcase their talents and to share their “slices of life” through the medium of film to a critical public audience. 

Indiemand 6 showcases an array of artistic productions that ranges from narrative, documentary, experimental and animated short films to full-length films produced by diverse yet creative aspiring and professional film makers from different disciplines, institutions and social classes. The event, in its 6th year, will be staged at the U.P. Lagoon area across the Faculty Center in the University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City on December 18, 2009, in time with the annual colorful festivity in the university, the historical Lantern Parade of U.P. Diliman Students, faculty members from different colleges and schools, artists from different disciplines and film enthusiasts alike composed the audience of the past five Indiemands since it begun in 2004.

See you guys! Will post pictures and details of the parties next time! :))