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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Typhoon Falcon

Typhoons and floods has devastated Metro-manila twice in a span of 2 years. I am deeply enraged by how indifferent and ignorant I was about these occurrences in the last 2 years. First off, there's typhoon Ondoy which claimed many lives. I will never forget that day..

I was drunk from partying the night before calamity struck. I slept through the whole ordeal. I mean, how pathetic and indifferent am I? I was awoken by my mother at around 6 in the evening (the floods came shortly after 1pm) and she brought me the bad news. I was completely disappointed with myself. Me, of all people would've known this first especially since a lot of my friends live in Marikina (Provident Village), which is, as you all know, the first place to suffer from the wrath of Typhoon Ondoy. After the incident, I planned to go to relief operations from different organizations but due to complications (differences in ideology between my parents' beliefs between organizations), I wasn't able to do anything but rant this frustration on my blog.

Then, this! Typhon Falcon. This storm has devastated Marikina and the entire metro yet again. I remain indifferent after 2 years. Is this my nature? I have been hibernating in my room since the storm began. It was just utter disappointment. The next day, (June 25) my father called, he asked us to help with the repacking of relief goods to give out in an evacuation center along Marikina. This was the time that I needed. Time to help in my own little way. Luckily my Montague is there and is willing to help....

This is a soft-snap photo of the relief goods. They are on their way to go to an evacuation center in F. Castillo St., Marikina City. We didn't go there. We just stayed within the PLM (Partido Lakas ng Masa) premises.

A somewhat artistic shot of my Montague and of me smoking. These are not the entire relief goods. The pictures came in after. We were pre-occupied people! I will get the pictures from the repacking somehow. A BMP/ PLM person shot a couple of pictures there.

My Montague doesn't like pictures. He's always moving!

There you go. All sweats for the sake of helping. It really feels good and nice :).

We know what we did was only a small part compared to what others have done. We would like to know your story. Come share us your Ondoy/Falcon or any other Typhoon/Calamity story. Comment if you must and share your blog links.

Thank you for helping my Montague.
Love and will always love you, your Capulet.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Good News!

This article came from GMA NEWS (the online site of a Philippine Television Station). If you've been an avid reader of my blog, you would know that my greatest dream would be to win a PULITZER. Well, here you go, a Filipino just won a Pulitzer Prize. The most prestigious literary award in the United States.

I hve to admit, I was shocked to learn that this Filipino is an illegal immigrant. This just goes to show that talent can outshine anything.

Here's the link for the entire story.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Let's Go, Let's VOTE.

The first blog entry for this month. Hmm. Let's see...

Of course, I know you guys missed me, so let's make my comeback a bit, spicier, a bit mature, a bit serious...

My mom's long term boss, friend and comrade and Executive Director of a Non-Government Organization (SM ZOTO) Butch Ablir sent me this link on Facebook:

What is SM ZOTO?

- SM ZOTO is a Philippine NGO that stands for "Samahan ng Mamamayan Zone One Tondo Organization". It is a people's organization composed of more than 600 local urban poor organizations and is working within 28 urban poor communities throughout Metro-manila. Please click this link for more info:

What does SM ZOTO do?

- SM ZOTO offers a lot of programs to fight against poverty with the help of its European funders. They have a long list of programs such as microfinancing, youth and young people's programs, primary health care and integrated reproductive health,  gender equity, sustainability as well as training and organizing. 

What is this link all about?

-This is an online photo contest wherein people from around the world submitted pictures. The theme of the contest is to see the importance of computers and technology in communities throughout the world. Please vote for entries in the Philippines. So, mga kababayan, iboto natin ang kapwa natin Pilipino sa paligsahan na ito. This will be a big help to ZOTO and all the individuals who have participated. This will bring prestige and pride to us Filipinos. 

Fellow readers, feel free to vote. Please register to first before you can vote. This is very important to SM ZOTO and the Filipino contestants. I would really appreciate it. 

European and American readers, we value your support. 

I will still continue to blog about fashion, literature and music in the future. In the meantime, please vote! Let's do this!