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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Last Post for The Month

I am still not ready for school! My mind, body and soul is still in the volunteering/humanitarian work mode. I am clearly not ready for long hours at school and a bunch of homework. But of course, I have to.

Enrollment's next week and classes start on June 8. I still have to figure out a way to keep the balance between school, work, social life and my love life. These 4 aspects of life are really tricky. Favoring just one aspect might cause all the others to tremble and fall down. 

On a lighter note, today is me and my boyfriend's 14th monthsary. Yes, we're 14 months now. No celebrations, fancy dinners or even a walk in the park today. Just a day of rest, simple food and each other's company would suffice. Having each other is what really matters right?

I have run out of things to say, my creative mind is on a sabbatical. I haven't had enough sleep since I started this volunteering/humanitarian work thing last month. Creativity takes a lot of time and a lot of rest, I assure you. I'll get back to you guys after a few weeks of rest.

You can all suggest topics if you like. Just comment, tweet or email me about anything under the sun.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

I will always buy an MSI product

I am so excited to share that I finally have a mini laptop and I'm using it right now. It's only a day old and I'm still not used to small everything including a keyboard without a stand-alone numpad.

I have an old MSI laptop, 15" EX600 which is 3 years old now but still works perfectly. I just need a mini one because I can't carry the big one at school. It's just too heavy for me and I have back problems so I prefer to use a more portable laptop.

This new one that I'm using, the MSI U230 light still has a big screen (slightly bigger than most netbooks) , 11.6 " but very lightweight. It fits perfectly on my shoulder bag.

The reason why I love MSI laptops is because of their performance and durability. As we all know, MSI laptops are for gaming so you have good graphics and impressive built-in speakers. I've been using an ASUS laptop (I forgot the model) at work and I tell you, the sound really sucks.

The only problem so far with MSI products is their battery lifespan. My old laptop can now only hold for like 10mins without the charger. Nonetheless, I am now well aware of removing the battery and just plugging the charger if I need to use it for an extended period of time. I am confident that the battery will still hold the charge even after a year or so.

Here it is, my prized possessions. I simply cannot live without a computer (partly because I need it for my job and for school stuff).

Since I have been a loyal customer and fan of MSI products, do you think I can win a free 6-cell battery for my EX600? Haha. Just a thought.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


My boyfriend made a slideshow video of us on Youtube.


It was really really sweet. I love you babe! No words can ever express how much I feel for you!
Thank you for this wonderful video.

Isn't this the sweetest thing a guy could do for a girl? 

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

PLM - Picket at ADB Governor's Annual Conference

Hello Guys.

This is my first blog post for this month.
I haven't really been into writing this past few weeks.

What I have been doing is more of like a new experience for me. I have been taking videos, pictures, editing videos and uploading them on YouTube and the Partido Lakas ng Masa website. This is what I will be doing this summer. Sort of like a summer job/summer experience.

There are a lot of things going on in the Philippines. For one, the May Day rally. The 1st of May is a national holiday in the Philippines because it's Labor Day. All labor organizations and parties all march in different places in Manila and all over the Philippines to address their concerns. It is the best time to ask for wage increases and other stuff about the government and the predicament of the workers in the Philippines. I wasn't able to join the mobilization though I participated in the preparation.

After this, there was another issue about the Asian Development Bank, groups like the FDC or the Freedom From Debt Coalition mobilized in front of PICC in line with the ADB Governor's Annual Conference held in Manila. They are pointing out that organizations such as ADB are the ones responsible for the privatization of public services of third-world countries in Asia especially the Philippines. The picket at PICC was held on May 2nd and captivated the media's attention.

After which, 2 days later, May 4, various labor groups including Partido Lakas ng Masa or PLM mobilized in front of the Cultural Center of the Philippines in Manila to back up the first gourps who picketed in front of PICC. I was there covering some of the events.

I am not going to pretend that I clearly understand the issues nor am I going to proclaim that I am an activist of some sort but I am glad that I participated and that I am the least bit aware of what's going on in the Philippines.

The pictures of the said picket is post at this site:
For the video version, in which my father, Sonny Melencio is highlighted, you can watch here: