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Thursday, March 24, 2011


I want Halloween to come soon! Photo taken before going to Cu... on Twitpic

Last year's Halloween Party and Meiday Event at (where else?) CubaoX.
I had 3 options.
1. Dress-up as a deranged prom girl
2. Be all girly girly with a Fairy/Diwata costume; or
3. Destroy your old nursing uniform and be a hot nurse/ rape victim.


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

You're a Definition of Whatever

I am extremely pissed off.
Grrr. I can't believe I was fooled.
You are so effin' irritating! Grrrrrr

Monday, March 14, 2011

Time for Drastic Measures

Alright, I miss you. There.. I said it! I miss playing my violin. Even if I'm no good, I still miss you..

I watched a real good violin and piano cover of Mr. Brightside on Youtube and regrets sank in. If I would've practiced everyday for the last 2 years, I would've been extremely good in playing the violin. Oh well. There's still hope. I promise to practice everyday and to take lessons starting next week. I'll be updating you guys of my progress via this blog, twitter or facebook (whichever goes first).

I have to go home and get my violin. Ta-ta. 

Oh, by the way, here's the link for the Mr. Brightside piano and violin cover CLICK ME PLEASE YOU SWEET LITTLE CREATURE OF THE LORD

This is a snapshot of my pretty little babe, my violin. Along with my other babe, Marlboro Lights. 

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Blog Renovation and 2011 Fashion Trends

This blog needs a bit of tweaking. I don;t usually go for designs that last forever. I need to reinvent this blog sooner or later. Please give the energy and the will to do so.

Been very busy with work and nonsense. The most I can do is to update this blog at least twice a month. Summer is here in the Philippines! I can already feel the tides splashing in. I badly need a vacation --- away from everyone! hahaha.. annnddddd,,,, I NEED TO SHOP! I already looked for trends and fashion in and outs for this season. uhmmm.. Let's see:

KITTEN HEELS are back! They're like my favorite since FOREVER! I don't think they would ever go outdated specially for those who sport casual wear. They are my new love! Will be shopping for lots and lots this style when my paycheck arrives. I am so excited. They're not catwalk material, but comfy and nice is good for everyday wear. But never ever wear the same kind of shoes everyday. It's fashion suicide. At least make it a point to alternately wear 3 pairs of shoes. This will also keep those shoes look new.

CLOGS. One word -- EEWW. I am not a fan of clogs. They look disgusting. They make your feet look big. The shoes look cheap even if they cost more than a hundred grand. You won't see me wearing them or near them this season.

70s is the era of beauty. It's the fashion age. Guess what? It's still the fashion fad for this season! I don't know how to literally talk about wardrobe because whenever I shop, I just pick something fantastic and I go over the other stuff I have at home in my mind. Then, I patch it all up in my head, if the style is great and doable or if I can pull it off, I buy it. There you go. This decade is the time of hippies so think bohemian. Incorporate scarves, bandannas and a lot of accessories. Go for loose dresses, long tops and lots of accessories.

Apparently, long and wavy is still in. Go for the effortless, "just got out from bed" look. It makes you look effortless and fresh. Bangs is still in. Pixie cuts and bobs are also in. For those who sport long hair, braid and tie them in a knot or let your hair loose.

I forgot to mention about my latest wardrobe obsession, SKINNY SLACKS! It's my first job that requires me to go to work in business, smart casual attire. Slacks isn't really my thing. They make my legs look super small. I thought it would be a fashion disaster. But lo and behold, I found my savior! SKINNY SLACKS! It works well with ballet flats, heels and just plain sandals! Sorry about this pic. I could't find the one that I fell in love with. This will do.

I am so excited to go out and shop! Till next week!