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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Pissed off...

I am extremely pissed off because I'm having problems with my cell service and our phone was cut. No cell service = no texts = cancelled plans = cancelled dates = no person to talk to other than myself. Okay, I was invited by someone really close to me (I mean, I was invited by my confirmation godfather) to have lunch and coffee. I was excited because I haven't seen him for like 5 years now it's his treat...

He's just 3 years older than me and very religious (and by religious I mean religiously famous and pious). He's really busy and I don't think we can reschedule our chitchat next week. In addition, my early morning jogs at Marikina Sports Complex were also compromised due to this Typhoon/Tropical Cyclone thingy called "Ondoy"(Ketsana is its Intenational Code Name). This typhoon is the worst of its kind. I'm deeply worried for one of my best friends got stranded in Marikina particularly in Provident Village (the worst place to get stranded in due to exaggerated floods that drives people to go to their rooftops just to be safe). Well, let's not talk about disasters. Let's talk about my night last Friday.. :)

I watched Peacepipe's gig at Guerrilla Radio in Shaw Blvd. The vocalist, Jeck Pilpil got me captivated and it's safe to say that I was captivated by his voice, his Bob Marley-ish moves and stoned accent.. I developed a weird habit of checking out any hot guy for a ring. If he has a ring, well he's off limits meaning he's happily married. If not, I'm free to drool over him. LOL. Well, I think a lot of girls do that and I learned that from a friend. Ok, so I checked if the hot Peacepipe vocalist has a ring and guess what girls, he doesn't have one!! Ha! Thanks to the wonderful world of the Internet and the helpful search engine called Google, I researched and I found out he has a domestic partner (or a wife and this hot vocalist doesn't wear his ring when performing) and also has a cute son. This sad fact doesn't mean that any girl should stop admiring the band's music. For those of you who don't know, Peacepipe is a great reggae band. I've seen them perform countless of times and they're really good. They've recently renamed their band to "Jeck Pilpil and Peacepipe" just like Bob Marley and the Wailers. One of my best friends is a huge fan of the reggae scene and he was the one who influenced me with this kind of music. According to my best friend, Jeck Pilpil is a respected reggae artist and activist. Last Friday's gig was memorable. It was the last gig of their keyboardist. I hope they find a talented replacement.

Next, I went to Cubao X (formerly Marikina Shoe expo) to catch up with my fellow Grayscale writers. we drank at Mogwai even if it was raining cats and dogs. Then we switched to future where I met the hottest and the funkiest DJ in town, Eggboy. Trivia: Eggboy = Daddymaps = Diego Mapa (Pedicab, Cambio, Monsterbot). Our chat was basically about why I love and adore
his brother, Jao Mapa, and how I love indie films and theater. I know, it was weird. Ha! Me talking to him about someone else and ignoring his works altogether. I'm not a typical fan, mind you! As much as I adore Diego Mapa, I am totally in love with Jao!

I haven't watched all of Jao's films but I really adore his versatility and acting skills as well as his career choices. I'm still deciding whether I'll be a stalker or not. Talk about psycho! A Date with Jao Mapa epic fail! (Pun Clearly Intended). BTW, the Mapa Brothers both have rings... haha! Married!!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


The problem with love is ---
Even if the other person doesn't mean to
Even if the persons involved strive not to do it
Even if they are in love
LOVE is overrated
LOVE does not conquer all
Who gets to choose who deserves to be loved?
Who gets to choose who deserves to be left alone?
Who would ever want to be hurt?
Who ends up bleeding?