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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Jim Morrison, The Doors, Rock n' Roll 60's

I am a great fan of The Doors. I love Jim Morrison! This is yet another episode of my "wishing I was a teenager in the 60s" series.

Just looking at Jim's photos while typing my thoughts about him makes me hyperventilate! He's so hot! As in hot! Oh, the word for today is -- what else? "HOT"

This was supposed to be a formal who-is-Jim-Morrison-type of writing but as you can see, I was clearly distracted by his awesomeness. Ok, let's start.

James Douglas Morrison or simply Jim Morrison was born on Dec. 8, 1943 and died on Jul. 3, 1971. He was 27 years old. I knew there was some connection between us the moment I first heard his songs. You see, I was born on July 3. Is it merely a coincidence or a lifelong worth of connection through his music? Despite his self-destructive persona, Morrison was a genius, poet, filmaker and musician. It had been said that his IQ was 149.

Like all rockstars, Morrison was also into the so-called "Sex, Drugs and Rock n' Roll" scene. People saw him wither away and burn out during the late 60s and he resulted into heavy drinking and taking drugs. Morrison died due to heroin overdose though the details are still a mystery until now for there had been different versions of the story.

This is a photo of Morrison with his long-time partner Pamela Courson. Courson was with Morrison the day that he died. It had been said that Morrison did not die in his hotel room in France. Rather, he had an overdose inside a club somewhere in Paris and was only brought back to his hotel room to protect the name and reputation of the club. Courson died 3 years later also due to heroin overdose. At the time of Courson's death, she was also 27 years old just like Morrison.

This couple reminds me of Romeo and Juliet. They are the true Romeo and Juliet of society. A love story that was not perfect, but real.

Jim Morrison's talent was exceptional. Too bad he wasn't able to be with us long enough.

(Ok, so I am very very sleepy. If this post about Morrison doesn't make sense, don't blame me,.. I'm stoned! LOL)

Monday, July 13, 2009


There's not much to say about this era. Obviously, I wasn't born in the 60s though if I was, I wouldn't waste my time writing about it like a spoiled 10 year-old.

So, 1960s... hmm?!... This is myfavorite decade. How come? Well, I love hippie music, the hippie scene and the earthly fashion. Kinda shallow right? Well, I love the earth, I love activism, I love dresses, I love music and most importantly, I love freedom. The 1960s is a much better decade compared to the so-called "drugs,sex and rock and roll" scene in the early 80s.

1960s is the decade wherein we appreciate the simple joys of life. It is the time when we value music and friendship more than any other. It is the time of unity and a little chaos because of fighting for what we believe in. It is the period of uniqueness -- the new age.

I've always wanted to be a hippie. Like I said, I love the fashion, the music and the environment. Oh, it would be a dream come true if I were to have been a teenager in the 60s!

Who wouldn't want a carefree life? Imagine living in a world where you don't have to worry what to eat, whatto do and never to follow the norms ofsociety. Indeed, it's utopia!

For me, 1960s rock! Don't Worry, BeHIPPIE!!!

Gay Men

I have nothing against gay men though Ifind them annoying.. They're annoying ina sense that they're so attractive and it pisses me off for I know I can't have them. Of course I'm referring to closet gays.. The ones that look, act and talk like guys. Oh I loathe them!They're so perfect and cute. So why the hell would they prefer the same sex?

I read a book about a girl who thinks she's the "perfect transition girl". She had all these boyfriends that turned outto be gay. She thinks that her exboyfriends realize that they like men after being with her. It's so weird and degrading to the nth power!

Eversince I had a very traumatic episode involving a closet gay with a terrible temper, I have realized that being gay is beyond anyone's control. It's like longing for someone you can'thave but still longing for him all the more. It's like having everything you could wish for but still feels incomplete at the end of the day.

Lots of things are going through my mind right now -- mostly "could'ves, should'ves and what ifs".. If there is one thing I regret in the past, it was for not holding his hand when he made the switch. I could've risked everything just to be "he's transition girl"...

Sunday, July 12, 2009

This is My Personality Test Results Based on My Desired Colors

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"Seeks success, stimulation, and a life full of exp..."

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Thursday, July 2, 2009

New Blog Post New Topics

I'm thinking of changing my theme... From now on, I'll write about what's on my mind. I already have 2 drafts. One is about the hippie scene of the 60s and the other is about gay men...

If I have the time, I promise to update my stories!