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Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012.. HAPPY

Hi guys! It's my first ever blog post for this year! I'm so happy I can now update my blog again. It's been like what? 5 months? Oh my god! I think I haven't posted anything since August. Anyway, I'm using MS word 2010 (It's really cool! I can automatically send my blog post without opening my site.) for this post so I don't really know the exact date of my last post.

How was my Holidays? Well, it's good! I just mellowed down from the old "party-everyday-until-you-drop-even-if-it's-a-weekday" kind of thing. I attended a christening (Baby MARGAUX, the sweet little angel), attended a Christmas Party (KF friends), attended a gift-giving event with my girlfriends (Marielle, Azalea and Cristina), went to Grandmas at Christmas morning to eat and open gifts but spent both Christmas and New Year's eve with my nephew and nieces, my mom and my sister.

I'm actually at work right now but since my boss told me to wait for his call, I can do blog posts while waiting. Haha! BTW, I'm now studying (again). Last day of Xmas vacation today and back to school tomorrow. Stressful. I have to finish this Psych project today.

So many thoughts, so little time! Let's make posting in my blog a habit. I'll try to post something here at least once a week. Okay?